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Does she really love me? Do I even stand a chance...? In this collection of erotic short stories we explore the fascination of younger men with older, big sister, women. The content is fairly clean unless you're offended by brother/sister incest, though contrary to the title older sister there's not much incest. Instead there's a motif of younger guys with older big-sisterly women. The stories are all light, positive and sweet!
The girls are all drawn plump and juicy in a way that's unique and refreshing! Also, everything is sweaty, steamy, messy and a little chaotic.
It's worth to see! Feel free to watch this movie's galleries below. Movie DVD download costs about $1.00, just check the links inside...
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1). Saki-senpai.Part 1. Ever since the day Takumi saw Saki-senpai with her sweat-soaked shirt and baruma clinging to her lush figure, he can't get her out of his head. They became good friends but all that changed when he caught her pleasuring herself...
2). Saki-senpai.Part 2. Takumi and Saki are still exploring their new-found love for each other and both uncertain. They have to stay apart for a week while Saki competes in an athletic meet. Back together, Saki throws herself at Takumi but he holds back...
3). Little Cat. Yayoi-chan loves to tease her younger brother, Hashimoto-senpai. But then Yayoi catches him masturbating with her socks she decides she's had enough. He supposed to be a her sex-toy, but things went out of control for their mutual pleasure...
4). Longing for Ritsuko-sensei. Yamaguchi is hopelessly enamoured with his swim coach. He sneaks into the girls locker room to get pics of her nude, only to be caught by Chinatsu-sensei! Two beautiful women seem to have a special interest in our lucky boy...
5). My Sister is a Teacher. All his classmates envy Misao: his big sister is their hot sensei! Pretty face, large breasts, short skirt. Once he accidentally spots her in a school's restroom, playing with a vibrator. That day she stole his first time. Five times in a row...
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